Family Therapy

All in the family is far from perfect.

Family life is stressful – arguments every day, no peace in the home, and constant conflicts.

Perhaps conflicts over financial problems, unruly children, or differences in child-rearing philosophies threaten to tear your family apart. The illness of a family member or relative may conflict with other parental duties, creating tension in the family.

You may have a child who you don’t understand and feel lost as a parent. Your parent/child relationship may relate to performance at school, basic attitude toward any authority, or unhealthy friendships.

All you know at this point is that there is no communication, except for yelling, and cooperation seems nonexistent. Now, you begin to wonder, “How did all of this start, and will it ever end?”

Family therapy helps mend what’s broken.

I will work with all members of your family, and together, we will identify the root causes of your family’s conflict. In this safe place, all family members listen and have a say as we improve communication and seek to resolve disputes.

Families are a system, and we treat them that way. If one part of the system is having trouble, we can’t treat that part alone. Instead, we must treat the whole system.

In a warm and nurturing environment, we provide skills and plans to overcome what’s getting in the way of peace and harmony at home.

Let’s work on mending what’s broken and start to develop a healthy, cooperative, and loving family.

Contact me today, so we can begin creating a perfect family for you.