Fear impacts your relationships and behaviors.

You wake up day after day with the same mental blocks and behaviors that keep you stuck in a place of fear and immobility.

Your relationships have been chaotic, or you find it hard to trust other people.

You don’t know how to get close to other people and still feel like yourself.

Sometimes, your brain can keep you in a cycle of fear.

Your brain is a marvelous thing that only wants what’s best for you. When something unsafe or threatening happens, the brain functions to keep us safe at the moment.

But sometimes, those signals from the brain that help us stay safe can stay with us long after the threat is gone. When this happens, the brain can sometimes freeze, keeping us in a cycle of fear.

That unsafe event (such as trauma) can keep running over and over in the background, causing us to be constantly vigilant for triggers that cause those feelings of fear to resurface.

EMDR offers relief from the fear that’s keeping you stuck.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) helps the brain and body integrate unhelpful memories and body sensations associated with the memories.

EMDR helps the brain stop this cycle of fear and put the file of the event or events that keep triggering your fear into the filing cabinet where they belong.

EMDR doesn’t change memories or erase them, but it helps the brain integrate them so our bodies can stop feeling distressed when not wanted or needed.

The body is magnificent and wants to be whole and healthy. EMDR provides a means to refocus that fear that’s impacting your emotional well-being so that you can move forward.

Let’s work to control what’s making you fearful.

I offer you a safe environment where you can explore past traumas and gain control over your emotions and behaviors.

Through EMDR, you will learn to manage anxiety, sleep better, improve self-esteem, inspire creativity, enhance performance, and maintain healthy relationships.

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