Our journey leads to strengthening the entire YOU.

My approach is holistic – we’ll look at all the pieces. I help you build emotional strength to take on life’s challenges.

I hear all the time – “This is going to sound so weird.” I love weird, bring your weird; I understand weird. I understand autoimmune issues, unexplained health issues, and food sensitivities. My expertise allows me to help you along your wellness journey.

My journey involved struggles with unexplained health issues, depression, and anxiety. During my teenage years, I remember what it was like to have all the emotions, insecurities, and uncertainties – feeling like you don’t fit in or can’t connect with your peers.

Having worked through those problems during my teenage and adolescent years, I can tell you that it gets better.

The journey to happiness starts with seeking help.

If you feel disconnected from yourself, life, or others, I am here to help you. For the past decade, I have helped people find internal peace.

During your sessions with me, we examine your everyday struggles through heart-based, compassionate dialogue. Together, we can uncover motivations, past trauma, and old patterns leading to a deeper understanding of yourself.

I am a compassionate therapist who will work with you to help you grow and find a sense of self. My approach is supportive and always direct. I want you to feel that you can accept where you are and that some things need to change.

I will assist you on your journey to feel happier and more content.

About Me

My professional background…

I graduated from Rutgers School of Social Work, obtained my clinical license, and have practiced for ten years. I have worked with people across the life span with varying concerns. I was a part of a DBT team for eight years, where I gained an abundance of clinical skills. I have worked with couples, teenagers, parents, and women in post-partum.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy has been proven in numerous research studies to treat people with hypersensitivity. DBT addresses all the symptoms that can manifest from feeling things really intensely.

After working with individuals with hypersensitivity for many years, I noticed that some could not make it through the material presented. After some research and reflections, I decided to explore more trauma-focused modalities. To address some of these other issues, I trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing).

Life is not all therapy.

My dog, Zoey, rescued me about three years ago and now often sits beside me while I’m on a telehealth appointment.

When I’m not working, I ride my bike or read about treatment modalities. I like to go for walks and spend time at the beach. I also really enjoy yoga and comedies.