Couples Therapy

Something in your relationship needs fixing.

Your life together had a fantastic beginning – spending evenings together, sharing each other’s lives, and conversing about your future together.

Then, something got lost as you transitioned through life. Now, things have changed. The two of you are like ships passing in the night – living separate lives or too tired to be there for each other.

Now, you have the same arguments all the time, and you don’t feel like things can change. You wonder, “How did we get to this point in our relationship? Whatever caused the change, something must give.”

You’re ready for a change, but you aren’t sure you can make it happen. You feel frustrated and stuck, not knowing how to get back to where you once were.

Couples therapy helps fix and maintain relationships.

It’s normal for relationships to evolve, especially as responsibilities change. Children, mortgages, financial issues, jobs, and other issues can create stress in any relationship.

Problems in relationships develop over time, and it is vital to address those nagging questions about your relationship before conflict and strife increase.

Some problems, such as infidelity, may seem beyond resolution, but couples therapy provides an opportunity to hear each other’s viewpoints. It’s about participating in a two-way conversation.

In contrast, you may need some maintenance to tune up those areas that tend to run a little rough.

Let’s work together to fix your relationship.

I offer a supportive and controlled environment to work together to uncover past hurts and struggles responsible for the problems in your current relationship. In discovering these patterns, you’ll feel validated and seen by your partner as they do the work with you.

Side by side, you’ll work with each other under the guidance of a trained professional to find compassion and understanding for yourself and your partner.

Doing this important work will allow you to feel seen and heard in your relationship. Without the burden of being guided by childhood hurts and struggles, you can enjoy your partner in the present.

Contact me today, so we can rediscover and fix what was lost and is broken in your relationship.