Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

Coping with how you feel seems impossible.

Your depression stands in the way of living your life. The stress is unbearable.

Current events keep triggering those past adverse events, starting the same cycle over and over.

Interacting with others is difficult; relationships seem impossible and generally become unhealthy. It’s hard to respect yourself, much fewer others. Anger is a constant companion.

You’ve tried therapy before, but nothing seems to help.

Maybe it’s time to try DBT.

DBT helps you understand and gain control of your emotions, build and maintain healthy relationships, form a sense of self, and tolerate stress.

In our sessions together, we will examine a chain of events that leads to unwanted thoughts or behaviors. Together, we can uncover why you use methods that don’t serve you.

We all have needs we want to be met. We figure out ways to get those needs met, and sometimes, the methods are not serving us. With DBT therapy, you’ll find new ways to get what you need while fostering your intuition and building fulfilling relationships.

DBT is a way out of suffering.

Pain is inevitable, but we do have control over the amount of suffering we experience.

We’ll uncover what drives your urges to engage in behaviors or negative thinking through heart-based dialogue. We’ll then discover new ways to feel your emotions and tolerate them without using old coping mechanisms – that don’t work.

You’ll feel relief and empowered, knowing that you can tolerate the things you thought were intolerable and overwhelming.

Improving your emotional strength improves relationships, increases work productivity, and gives you an overall sense of accomplishment. Your feelings of worthiness will increase, and you’ll find the possibilities for new and exciting life experiences coming your way.

You can learn to cope and live life in the moment!

DBT provides you with a tool kit to handle life’s stressors.

Like a hero needs his cape, you’ll have the cape that you’ve been looking for to tackle life’s hardest fastballs.

You deserve to feel better, feel empowered, and feel good about yourself.

Together, we will find strategies that help you cope with those feelings and negative behaviors. Life’s too short to do otherwise!

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